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So i've remade the old VJBay site and stuck it up at the new url of if your looking for video equipment on eBay you might find the site useful. If you've any suggestions / requests for functionality then please let me know and i'll think about making it better.

VJamm Allstars @ Glastonbury 2008

The VJamm Allstars are playing in the cider pub in shangra-la field on saturday night (i think?) Come and check it out, it's possibly your only chance to see us playing this year!

there will be cider and mud and all kinds of bad Av cutup so whats stopping you - it's probably the best use of that £150 you were wondering what to do with. You also get to see someone called Jay-cloth on the mainstage who apparently does some kind of rapping or something? who knows? it all sounds the same to me this modern music...

New Undercurrents stuff

Independent news / film / documentary folks Undercurrents have some new stuff out on their online video channel - it's looking pretty slick...

Cycling 17,000kmfrom Oxford to Australia rather than fly.

On the Push
Surfing waves to combat Climate change

Living in the Future
How people have come together to build their own homes, grow their own food, and create lively and sustainable communities.

Sleepy Ed Hicks

Sleepy Ed not only has a great name, he is a fantastic Banjo player and bringer of oldtime fun. His sets in the "Grooveye Moveye" were one of the highlights of glastonbury for me.

Checkout his website at

Pete Search

PeteSearch is a FireFox extension that saves you time on Google, Technorati, Ask, and many sites worldwide... Its made by Pete Warden, master of free stuff including the excellent pete's plugins video effects.

Perhaps less exciting than his realtime video effects or motion 3, but still a very useful add on to firefox. You can download it from Thanks Pete :)

VJamm Allstars @ Drop Beats Not Bombs

The VJamm Allstars will be playing at the next Drop Beats Not Bombs event in Birmingham.

see and for more details

Gridio @ Optronica

Gridio is going to be installed in the NFT for Optronica - the VJamm powered AV installation that I built with the lovely people at brightonart and coldcut will be available for public abuse from the 14th-18th of March. In preparation for this I have rebuilt the gridio website which was badly in need of it after 6 years since the original commission!

If your going to be around during Optronica drop me a line and we can meet up for tea and cakes :)

New Website

So after a busy summer of festivals i've finally found some time to do a bit of webstuff, including a badly needed update to So here it is a brand new website (err well kind of) with a much better taxonomy system so hopefully you'll still be able to find any of the things from my old site.

For VJs there are some new festival clips to download, as well as updated tutorials that you might find useful. For people that aren't VJs there are links to other website which might be more interesting than this one!

I hope you like the new site, if you have any questions or complaints then please contact me and i'll get back to you


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