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Vision Mixing / VJing

I have a wide range of experience in the field of lived mixed visuals - I've done everything including; simple VJing at clubnights, live camera mixing on main stages at big outdoor festivals, creating impressive multiscreen shows for arts festivals and multimedia events, performing as part of the VJamm Allstars live audiovisual band, operating cameras for rock shows, creating realtime visual effects for ska bands, steaming live video onto the internet, creating mixes for broadcast TV, projected on every imaginable surface from screens to walls to ballons to water...

For bigger events I tend to work with the headspace collective who are increasingly specializing in large scale multiple screen events - a recent event was "Loop" a secular benefit for a childrens hospital which took place in st Bartholomew's church (the largest single story building in europe). For this event we provided a live mix of 3 separate camera feeds going to 5 separate screens including a video relay to the bar (which was located in a local school some distance away from the main performance area).

VJamm Allstars
The VJamm Allstars is a live audiovisual band rated as one of the top 10 VJing collectives in the world (DJ mag november 2004 + 2005). The Allstars show is the logical progression of our own creative audiovisual production - it consists of 6 people improvising dance music live to create an energetic performance with something to say about the world around us.

I've helped provide visual enhancement to numorus outdoor festivals from no-budget village fates to Glastonbury, including Strawberry Fair, Bestival, V98, Carling Leeds Weekend, Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party, Rocket Festival, Bloom, and many more.

Consultation and Production
I'm frequently called upon to provide advice and content production services to some of the biggest names and organisations in the VJing world including Coldcut, and AVIT. I am happy to provide technical consultation on any aspect of live visuals - if you want to avoid the experimentation stages and steep learning curve that comes with complex live event visuals then please contact me and i'll be happy to assist you in finding a solution that enables you to create a stunning show that fits your budget.


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