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Name : Tom Bassford
DOB : 09:01:79
Location : Brighton UK
Occupation : VJ / Video Artist / Technician / Web Developer

10+ Years experience of event organisation focusing on live mixed visuals and audiovisual performance. Highlights include design and management of the technical infrastructure for AVITUK 05 (a week long live visuals performance festival with over 250 participants). Def Leppard Summer 05 USA tour (video mixing and effects system design and maintenance, also live camera operation). Gridio (audiovisual production, systems design, hardware design and construction for a Pompidou Center commissioned interactive installation)

Clients include:

  • Coldcut / Ninjatune
  • Def Leppard
  • Plastic Reality (FatBoySlim's visuals)
  • Emergency Exit Arts
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Gaianova
  • The Southbank Centre
  • Eclectic Method
  • Lamb
  • AVIT
  • APT Visuals
  • Brighton ART
  • Wired Sussex
  • Flash Brighton
  • Firefly Solar
  • Harmony Community

Tom is also an administrator of the largest international online message board for video and visuals artists. Currently he's in the process of developing VJCentral V3 - a rewrite of the existing portal in Drupal.

Key Skills:

  • Video Production
  • DVD Authoring
  • Live Event Management
  • Technical AV Systems Design
  • Web Development
  • Computer Systems Design, Construction and Maintenance

Glastonbury Festival - Greenpeace techno dome AV Tech.
Big Green Gathering - Noise Monitoring.
Carling Leeds Weekender - Dance Tent, Lockup Stage, Comedy Tent, Visuals and AV Tech.
Bestival - Main Stage Vision Mixing.
Brighton ^Digital Festival - Digital Fireworks AV Tech Design.
Loop Festival - Festival video design, Visuals, AV Tech.
o2 Gridio - Video Production and Motion Graphics.
Industrial Resolution - Technical design for largest indoor live projected visual display in europe.
Global Action Plan - Energy Bike electronics design and construction.


C-Sides Festival - Jerusalem International Conference Center - Grido Installation and VJamm Allstars performance at a major peace festival in Jerusalem - Custom AV production for the event -

Outdoor Music festivals - video mixing, camera operation, technical infrastructure design and implementation at a number of music festivals including Rocket Festival, Bloom, The Secret Garden Party, Carling Leeds Weekender, Bestival.

DVD authoring for a range of organizations and bands.


Def Leppard USA Tour - Design and maintenance of realtime video mixing and effects system for Def Leppard's on stage video show.

AVITUK05 VJ Festival and Symposium - Technical Director. AVITUK was a week long audiovisual festival featuring workshops, performances and installations from many international and local artists. Attended by over 3000 people AVITUK05 was the biggest international VJ-centric festival to date.


PIXnMIX - Major VJ education project for Channel 4 Ideas Factory

K[no]w Money - A VJamm Allstars AV performance piece commissioned by the progressive Austrian think tank - the 'GrĂ¼ne Akademie' in Graz.

Developed MIDI modification for DJ mixers to allow single fader control of both audio and video crossfade.

VJamm Allstars Headline Performances at Contact Europe VJ Festival Berlin


GRIDIO 1.5 - Tunnelvisions - The new GRIDIO installation was commissioned by the Berg der Erinnerungen (Mountain of Memories) exhibition, one of the flagship projects of Graz03 - European City of Culture 2003. (gridio is a collaborative project with coldcut)

VJamm Allstars shows - VJamm Allstars were invited to perform in the Dom im Berg at the opening gala event for the exhibition: one of the party highlights of the year according to many present.

VJamm Allstars Headline Performance at Contact Europe VJ Festival Austria,


GRIDIO 1.0 @ Pompidou Centre, Paris & MACBA Barcelona - Gridio is a very interactive a/v installation which launched at Sonar, Barcelona, in May2002 then moved to the Pompidou Centre, Paris in October, running there until January 2003. Part of the Sonic Process' touring exhibition, the theme of which was the influence of music technology and production techniques on the visual arts. (gridio is a collaborative project with coldcut) - Art of VJ event at hackney ocean. Technical infrastructure design and implementation and VJ performance.

Carnival Collective "Call of the large" - Multimedia enhanced CD production for Brighton samba band.


PirateTV CanDU tour of former Yugoslavia. Non-profit 9-week tour of 20 crew, doing club/outdoor shows in 9 cities in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. We took PA, all video gear, & stage. Climax was Coldcut gig in Belgrade with 1 member in UK, 1 in Belgrade and the live gig performed via a web-link using wireless LAN to beam into venue.

VideA_01. Audio visual technology festival in Barcelona. Invited back to perform as VJamm Allstars. Fascinating opportunity to meet and work with other VJ software makers & users.

AVResource - Co-Founded AVResource a non-profit organisation that provides AV equipment to community groups.


VideA_00. Audio visual technology festival in Barcelona. Invited to perform with other UK AV VJs and DJs.

Groovy Movie Picture House - The worlds first solar powered cinema. Crew member assisting with all aspect of this festival cinema from banging in tent pegs to VJing and DJing.


GMOTV, Greenpeace field, Glastonbury. Collaboration with Millie Young (Millimations) and JunkTV to run 4 day rolling filming/editing/screenings for 2 hour live/VT show each day, to highlight genetic engineering of food crops. - Began occasional AV webcasts from studio with Headspace and guests. Also involved in streaming media research


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