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Web Programming
Here are some of the websites i've been involved in producing and running. - Official VJamm users forum, a phpBB forum with custom style that i produced to fit with the design of the rest of the VJamm site. Also features RSS and other mods to the standard phpBB install. - PIXnMIX is a major series of VJing workshops produced by Channel 4 IDEASFACTORY and I produced some content (text and video) for the site as well as doing a fair amount of the html coding. - I built and maintain the website - its a combination of static html and php to allow dynamic posting of news to the front page by non html literate staff. - The worlds first fairtrade footballs! - I added the worldpay shopping system to allow online creditcard ordering of products. - Drupal based site for the VJamm Allstars. - Dynamic site for Tom English built in drupal to allow easy updates without needing HTML knowledge. - Ebay searching site built in PHP, RSS and CSS. - PHP site for the Gridio installation.

Video Production
Here are links to some videos that i have edited

Art Of VJ - This is a short video documenting the first event at hackney ocean 26th May 2002.
DURT - This is the tease from a Channel 4 commissioned broadcast pilot. I was responsible for the motion graphics and title design as well as some filming and soundrecording.

These are some of the people i work with on occasion. - BrightonART are regular collaborators, fellow VJamm Allstars and all round good bods. - Benchmark is a new organisation making rapid inroads into film production and multimedia spectaculars. - Masters of stealth and exciting projects, where would we be without coldcut? - Web experts and AV experimenters - possibly the only knowledgeable dvj-x1 dealer in the country! - Specialist camera operator steadicam and underwater - UK VJ interwebtype person who is into live visuals like a cat is into goldfish - AFX make crazy things for arty people.

Some sites of interest to VJs - VJ Central is the number 1 info site for VJs, it uses an open publishing system which allows anyone to add content - VJ Forums is the most active discussion board on the topic of VJing - Information about the international avit VJing festival - UK VJing organisation - VJBay is the best place to find deals on video equipment for VJing.


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