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Custom MIDI Hardware

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I create custom MIDI hardware controllers for VJs and DJs to control hardware video mixers and VJ software. A few variations of these controllers are available including add on fader boxes which sit in front of DJ mixers as well as fully internal modifications to provide direct MIDI output from the DJ mixers crossfader.

Why do you want a MIDI out from a DJ mixer?
Currently there are no Audiovisual mixers in production that are suitable for advanced AV performance. The Edirol V4 has no audio at all - the Panasonic mixers lack features such as headphone preview and PFL metering which makes them unsuitable for beatmixing or other applications which require the ability to preview the audio.

This leaves Pioneers DVJ-X1 in a funny position - its a revolutionary product that is almost unusable due to a lack of suitable AV mixing equipment! However I have a solution to these issues in the form of a midi output modification to suitable DJ mixers.

How Does It Work?
I add some circuitry to the DJ mixer that converts the crossfader position to a midi continuous controller signal, this MIDI controller is fed to the Edirol V4 (or other Edirol video mixer) where it is mapped to control the video crossfade. This very simply allows you to mix both the audio and video at the same time whilst only touching the DJ mixer.

Who uses it?
Mixers that have been modified by me are in regular use by many of the worlds top audiovisual performers including Coldcut, Eclectic Method and the VJamm Allstars as well as a number of mobile karaoke jockeys who've been quick to realise the benefits of having DJ style control over their audio mix.

Which DJ Mixers can be modified?
Currently i have successfully modded Pioneer DJM300, DJM500, DJM600. (the 707 and 909 are not suitable for this mod) Allen and Heath mixers are also suitable. I can quickly test any VCA controlled mixer to determine its suitability for the mod. mixers which are not suitable for a direct mod can still take advantage of the external fader version which adds a separate crossfader mounted below the DJ mixer.


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