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Web Development

I make websites. To do this i use HTM + CSS + Javascript + PHP + MYSQL + Apache in whatever combination is most suited to the task.

Some of the sites i make (such as this one) use dynamic content management system. Recently I've favored using the Drupal opensource CMS as a way of producing high quality feature packed websites in a quick turnaround, however I'm experienced in a range of other web based CMS systems and am able to help you select the most appropriate system for your needs.

I can provide cheap reliable webhosting that scaled to your needs, from a simple email account through to resellable hosting with full control panels and ssh access. Whatever the scale or your project i can help provide a solution.

Computer Systems

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Need a computer system for live visuals or real time audio performance? I can help you choose the best system for your needs and budget be it a bespoke rackmount PC, a SFF portable or a laptop system. I'm happy to do as much or as little as you want, from fully specifying and building a fully custom PC to simply tweaking an existing machine to squeeze the last drops of performance out of it.

I've built and specified computers for numerous people from Coldcut to Def Leppard! Systems I've built have run art installations in hostile environments for months at a time with no crashes or downtime. I've rebuilt laptops for people a day before major gigs in front of thousands when they have had no luck with their official tech support contracts. I've specified and setup laptop systems for video and music workshops with disillusioned teenagers.

Vision Mixing / VJing

I have a wide range of experience in the field of lived mixed visuals - I've done everything including; simple VJing at clubnights, live camera mixing on main stages at big outdoor festivals, creating impressive multiscreen shows for arts festivals and multimedia events, performing as part of the VJamm Allstars live audiovisual band, operating cameras for rock shows, creating realtime visual effects for ska bands, steaming live video onto the internet, creating mixes for broadcast TV, projected on every imaginable surface from screens to walls to ballons to water...

For bigger events I tend to work with the headspace collective who are increasingly specializing in large scale multiple screen events - a recent event was "Loop" a secular benefit for a childrens hospital which took place in st Bartholomew's church (the largest single story building in europe). For this event we provided a live mix of 3 separate camera feeds going to 5 separate screens including a video relay to the bar (which was located in a local school some distance away from the main performance area).

Custom MIDI Hardware

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I create custom MIDI hardware controllers for VJs and DJs to control hardware video mixers and VJ software. A few variations of these controllers are available including add on fader boxes which sit in front of DJ mixers as well as fully internal modifications to provide direct MIDI output from the DJ mixers crossfader.

Why do you want a MIDI out from a DJ mixer?
Currently there are no Audiovisual mixers in production that are suitable for advanced AV performance. The Edirol V4 has no audio at all - the Panasonic mixers lack features such as headphone preview and PFL metering which makes them unsuitable for beatmixing or other applications which require the ability to preview the audio.

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