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HowTo: VirtualDub default conversion settings


Often you find yourself repeating common transcoding tasks in virtualdub. After a while it becomes annoying to have to set the codec and other settings or event to load a VCF each time. Fortunately it is easy to make virtualdub load a settings file on startup, just follow the steps below..

  1. Save the settings you want to use as a .VCF file called "foobar.vcf" (File>save processing settings)
  2. Copy foobar.vcf to the directory where the virtualdub.exe lives (possibly something like C:\Program Files\VirtualDub\)
  3. Make a shortcut to virtualdub.exe
  4. Right click the shortcut and choose properties

HowTo: Use The VirtualDub Batch Converter


VirtualDub is a very good application for reformatting AVI files - you can download it from A typical use would be to batch convert a load of AVI files for use in VJamm 3 Standard.

For the best quality in VJamm 3 Standard you need to make files that are 384x288 in size with PicVideoMJPEG compression - or Indeo compression if you do not want to buy picvideo.

Here is a VirtualDub Setting file for VJamm clips with PicVideoMJPEG compression.

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