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HowTo: VirtualDub default conversion settings


Often you find yourself repeating common transcoding tasks in virtualdub. After a while it becomes annoying to have to set the codec and other settings or event to load a VCF each time. Fortunately it is easy to make virtualdub load a settings file on startup, just follow the steps below..

  1. Save the settings you want to use as a .VCF file called "foobar.vcf" (File>save processing settings)
  2. Copy foobar.vcf to the directory where the virtualdub.exe lives (possibly something like C:\Program Files\VirtualDub\)
  3. Make a shortcut to virtualdub.exe
  4. Right click the shortcut and choose properties
  5. In the target field add the following at the end. /s"foobar.vcf" (complete with the quotes so the full field now reads something like - "C:\Program Files\Virtualdub\VirtualDub.exe" /s"foobar.vcf" )
  6. Click OK and close the properties dialogue
  7. Double click the shortcut and check it works

You can of course replace foobar with whatever you like. You may have as many different versions of these shortcuts as you like, to cover all your regular virtualdub tasks.


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